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I am an applicant/prospective student. How can I apply for scholarship at NTPU?

All applicants are automatically on the scholarship application list. Applicants are NOT required to submit any financial aid application form for scholarship/assistantship before admission. However,  once you are admitted and receive your ARC and open a bank account, your are required to submit the application form to complete the process. Please download the application form Here.

I am a current student. How can I apply for scholarship at NTPU?

For current student, if you are going to start your second graduate year, please submit the application form before the deadline. The application deadline is usually on the weekend before the 1st day of a new semester. No application will be accepted after the deadline. Please click Here to fill out the form. If you are a first year graduate awarded scholarship when admitted, you are not required to submit an application form.

I got scholarship when admitted. Do I have to re-apply for it?

First-year graduates are offered with 1-year scholarship when admitted. However, students will still need to keep the semester grade at least above 80 to remain the scholarship qualification. Also, starting from the second year, you will need to submit an application form the weekend before the 1st day of a new semester. The qualification will be determined based on, but not limited to, your academic performance and attitude towards work/research in the previous semester.

What is the minimum qualification for scholarship?

In the event that a scholarship recipient fails to achieve satisfactory academic performance (i.e., the average score of courses taken in a semester is below 80) or receives a major demerit or higher disciplinary action for violations of the University's regulations, SHM may terminate the the recipient's scholarship qualification.

What does the SHM scholarship cover?

Since the establishment, the Master Program in Smart Healthcare Management offers a variety of scholarships.


For students of Class Fall 2021, Class Spring 2022 & Class Fall 2022, full scholarship and partial scholarship are provided in their first year of study. 


For the full scholarship, it covers the tuition and miscellaneous fees, including computer acceess fee, on-campus accommodation fee, and monthly living subsidies. While the partial scholarship covers only the tuition and the credit fee.


For students enrolled in Class Spring 2023 and afterwards, the amount of scholarship for the recipients will be based on the review result by the program committee and the scholarship will be given in two semesters separately.


While for the assistantship, it is a month-based employment per semester with stipends. All the amount of scholarship/assistantship shall be allocated based on the budget of each year.