Our Campus



Facing the rapid changes in the world and the competitive talents, we continue to advance toward “R&D-based teaching” and “practical application research”, and pursues new ideas of innovative research and development, driving practical innovation teaching and applying innovative teaching, so that students can learn in the learning process. At the same time, master the rapid pulse of society and become the pillar of the country in the future. We have Sanxia and Taipei Campus, own seven colleges including College of Law, College of Business, College of Public Affairs, College of Social Sciences, College of Humanities, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and International College of Sustainability Innovations, total eighteen departments, six independent research institutes, twenty-two master programs, nine doctoral programs, eight master’s in-service special programs and nine extension education programs.

Besides, we have Center for General Education, Center for Teacher Education and five school-level research centers including Center for Global Change and Sustainability Science, Public Finance and Finance Research Center, Center for Haishan Research, Research Center on Big Data and Smart City and Research Center for Asia and Pan Pacific Region.


Excellence in the university town, chained to the seamounts, praise the Asia Pacific.


"A great city should have a great university!" profoundly confirms the grand concept and development process of building a university town in Taipei University. The Sanxia Campus is Covering an area of 54 hectares, which is the first campus in the country to be designed and integrated with the concept of “University City”. Based on the glorious glory of the past, the school will combine the seeds of innovative education that have been spurred by recent years of teaching excellence programs. With the “Higher Education Sprout Project” in this issue, the school will be closely linked to the development of the local area by "chaining seamounts", expanding world international exchanges with "praising the Asia-Pacific", and to focus on deepening the substantive exchanges and research cooperation with representative universities in the Asia-Pacific region.


The school shoulders the key mission of the development of national civil servants and the national professional think tank. we will work hard to cultivate a "model university city" that coexists and coexists in the future, and take care of the disadvantages by higher education and publicity, balance the shortcomings of higher education marketization.


“Implement teaching innovation and improve teaching quality”, “Developing school characteristics”, “Promote the publicity of higher education” and “Doing a good job in university social responsibility” are the four development goals of this project. Make the school an internationally renowned university that leads the local prosperity and sustainable development, and cultivates the modern talents of "pursuing the truth and serving the people".