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The Master Program in Smart Healthcare Management is completed in 4 semesters. The curriculum is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge in information technology and medical services. The total numbers of credits to meet the graduation requirement would be 24 credits (required and elective courses) plus 6 credits from thesis.


Required Courses (8 courses, 16 credits, excluding 6-credit thesis)


A 6-credit master thesis is also required. Students must take the thesis course for at least two semesters before taking the thesis defense examination. After passing the examination, the 6 credits for the master thesis will be given.


Elective Courses (3 courses, 8 credits)


Note: Credits with “TMU” or “NTUT” mean that the courses are offered by Taipei Medical University or National Taipei University of Technology. Students should take classes at TMU or NTUT.


*Inter-College Courses:

The inter-college courses will be released during the add/drop course period. You may select the courses in NTPU course selection system. However, if you wish to take a inter-college course that is NOT in the course selection system, you are required to submit a "inter-college course application" form before the add/drop course deadline. The process might take up to 1 month to complete. Please contact the program coordinator for application form request. You are required to provide certain information to complete the form.


You could find the latest curriculum below.

SHM Curriculum
Last update: 2022/04/14