Weather in Taipei

Taiwan is in subtropical zone and have abundant rainfall. Therefore, it is always humid in Taiwan, especially the northern part of Taiwan. It is important that you should always bring an umbrella with you. But if you forget to bring an umbrella, there is always a convenient store nearby where you can get one. The highest temperature during summer might reach 40°C and the lowest temperature in winter might drop to below 10°C.


Spring: March, April, and May

Mostly rainy and damp; The temperature ranges from just below 15 to mid-20s (°C)


Summer: June, July, August, September

Mid May to June is the rainy season in Taiwan. The weather is usually sunny in the morning and has thundershowers in the afternoon. It is also the season of typhoon. You should pay attention to the typhoon alarm. Classes might be cancelled due to typhoon. The temperature ranges from mid-20s to over 35 (°C).


Autumn: October, November

It is usually sunny/cloudy with showers. The temperature ranges from mid-20s to mid-30s (°C).


Winter: December, January, and February

It is often sunny/cloudy with showers. During this season, the environment in Taipei is especially humid. Your food/accessories might grow mold easily. The temperature ranges from 10 to low-20s (°C).


Taiwan is also prone to earthquakes, mostly minor ones with rare major occurrences.


For more details on the current weather in Taiwan, please visit the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau website: