Results for 2nd Year Students’ Scholarship Application-Fall, 2023

The scholarship application for 2nd year students have been reviewed by the program committee. 

The result is as the follows.


Full scholarship(with different living subsidies):

711191102 Mai Xuan Hao;

711191103 Cao Thi Thuy Duong


Partial scholarship:

711091105  Alfredo Chang Lastiri


Congratulations on the outstanding SHM students!


For the full scholarship covers the tuition fee, credit fee, dormitory fee and monthly living subsidies during the semester;

while the partial scholarship covers the tuition fee and the credit fee.


*1: Please note credit fee accumulated over 24 credits would not be covered by the scholarship.

*2: The scholarship amount would be subject to the annual budget allocation of the program. Thus, the total amount might be changed in the Spring Semester, 2024.