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NTPU Can Help

Your education should not be affected by the war.


National Taipei University (NTPU) welcomes Ukrainian students who currently reside inside or outside Taiwan to join our community:


1. NTPU will exempt your tuition and accommodation fees;

2. NTPU Alumni Association will provide you with scholarships up to US$5,000 per year;

3. The above-mentioned exemptions and scholarships are provided for at most four years for the bachelor’s programs, similarly two years for master’s and three years for doctoral programs;

4. For those who do not reside in Taiwan currently, NTPU also provides airfare subsidies for a single trip to Taiwan.

5. Online Application Only: https://www.ntpu.edu.tw/admin/a7/org/a7-3/interstud/


6.Please contact the Office of International Affairs about scholarships: oia@gm.ntpu.edu.tw